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A CargoMaster crane transforms a closed van body or semi-trailer from a
simple freight container to a mobile material-handling system.
Transferring freight is no longer restricted to loading docks-the
CargoMaster makes it possible to load and unload any freight, anywhere.
Oversized, heavy and cumbersome items transfer easily from truck to
ground level, whether there is a loading dock or not, with just the push
of a button.

Designed and built by Wayne Engineering for easy handling by a single
operator, this multi-directional system moves cargo to and from very
specific spots. The versatility of the CargoMaster allows an operator to
transfer freight from the front of a trailer, over other items, to the
back for effortless unloading. CargoMaster bridge cranes are able to
operate in any trailer length up to 54 feet. Freight that is ordinarily
too heavy for single operator handling can be double stacked without
difficulty. Several models are available to handle cargo up to 8,000

The CargoMaster is perfect for delivering difficult items such as
marble, stone, pianos, snow mobiles, jet skis, motorcycles, engines,
large furniture, air conditioning units, scale weights, barrels, spools
of cable, and much more!

A trailer's 12-volt battery powers the CargoMaster's powerful motor;
lifting cargo up to 8,000 pounds. In the stored position, the
CargoMaster is enclosed and secured at the front of the trailer. This
protects the mechanism from weather conditions and motorists. Thanks to
this, the CargoMaster's useful life extends well beyond that of lift
gates. Many units continue to operate after more than 20 years.

To move a load, operators simply open the trailer doors and extend the
crane jibs. After turning on the system, the CargoMaster moves along
reinforced rails at the top of the trailer. The operator then secures
the package with straps or chains, and attaches it to the CargoMaster's
crane hook. The attached pendant controller then allows the operator to
move the package up/down, and in/out.

Click on the "Options" tab to read about extras that can make the speedy
CargoMaster even more efficient.

The CargoMaster has several features which help make it perfect for your
application. Models are available in 2000, 4000, 6000, and 8000 pound
weight limits, as well as 4-wheel drive. The CargoMaster can also be
installed in either Van Bodies or Trailers up to 53 feet long.

Standard controls include a heavy duty metal pendent. However, users can
opt for the wireless remote control with two transmitters. This allows
the operator to be much more flexible during delivery- rather than
stationed at the rear of the trailer.

Lifting attachments are very important to each person's operation.
Thankfully, Wayne Engineering has plenty to choose from. The standard
crane hook can be augmented with a 360 degree swivel, a swivel bolt for
other attachments, various spreader bars, and two different
self-leveling pallet forks. Have an idea for a custom attachment? We can
engineer any solution in-house to ensure the CargoMaster works for your
needs. Click to see a brochure of our CargoMaster accessories.

Double folding rail extensions boost the crane's travel to approximately
100 inches beyond rear of the trailer. This extra room allows long and
awkward applications to be delivered with ease.

Optional halogen work lights mounted to the crane allows operators to
fully illuminate the inside of the trailer as well as the loading area.
This ensures a safe and efficient work environment day or night.

Customers of the CargoMaster know that this machine is irreplaceable
thanks to its efficient delivery and long life. In fact, Wayne
Engineering frequently re-installs old CargoMaster units in customers'
new trailers. With up to 20 years of useful life, the CargoMaster can
outlast multiple semi-trailers!

Over the years, the CargoMaster has been installed in semi-trailers from
several of the top fleets and top brands. These include: Great Dane,
Ski-Doo, Harley Davidson, and CAT Weigh Scales. For a list of
references, please call Amy Goodwin at 319-266-1721 x310.

Click here to download our brochure.


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